melissa-chappell-raw-melissaToday I’m featuring my dear friend & business associate, Melissa Chappell – a.k.a. RawMelissa.  Not only is she a beautiful person (inside & out) but she has overcome & come out on top of TREMENDOUS trials in life.  Melissa started her business, RawMelissa, in response to needing to get out of an awful, abusive marriage and being able to support herself & her children on her own.  She received so much enthusiasm for her delicious raw meals & treats that she made it a large part of her business model.  People are often shocked when they taste Melissa’s food because it’s soooooo healthy and also tastes completely delicious.

Now Melissa is moving towards creating a new, fully-interactive website, along with a raw cookbook, personal nutrition coaching & even a DVD of her cooking class.  Melissa proves to me daily that we can accomplish anything we set our hearts to, especially when our motives are pure (i.e. to help the ones we love).


Here’s some pics of some of her scrumptious raw food creations, courtesy of Limelight Food Photography.


I’ve learned so much from associating with Melissa about how to live life with joy and purpose.  She teaches that we should infuse all the food we prepare with love, and truly, she does that.  She shows how beautiful life is when we embrace things that make our bodies feel good & healthy.  I love Melissa dearly & wish her nothing but joy & success in her journey.

Check out Melissa’s website at