I’m pining for fall… can you tell?  Today I couldn’t help but feature more cool weather products from a fabulous creative chick, Elena, of Tickled Pink Knits.  Her knit wraps are completely breath-taking.  They would look lovely with your little black dress or even a t-shirt and jeans.  These wraps are HEAVENLY!  (note: click on pics to be redirected to original site)


Rococo Shawl – Luxurious & Elegant Knit Wool & Llama Wrap – $215.00

black wool/alpaca knit wrap

Luxurious Wool & Alpaca Knit Wrap/Shawl – $146.00

knit wrap/shawl

Rococo Shawl – Luxurious & Elegant Knit Cotton & Merino Wrap – $220.00

Man, the cold weather can’t come fast enough!  I can’t wait for these warm weather fashions!!  I thought the detail in Elena’s knitting was especially beautiful.  Thanks for your beautiful creativity, Elena!