Ever since I saw Gabrielle’s – DesignMom.com – painted piano, I can’t get it out of my mind: I’ve got to paint my ratty-looking piano.


Our piano is an upright practice piano from a university that some friends of ours owned.  I think they bought it for $100.  Then, they were demolishing their home to build a new home on the property & said they were just going to leave the piano in the home to be destroyed.  It broke my heart, so I got my husband to arrange a way to move it to our home where it has been residing ever since.  This poor piano has been through a lot while being a part of our family.  We’ve moved it at least 4 times.  One time was up & then down a thin apartment staircase.  The next was moving it into a basement apartment.  The most recent was me waking up to my husband moving our piano from the basement to the upstairs (two flights of stairs) all by himself.  Seriously.  I thought he was going to kill himself; scared me to death.  He survived, as did the piano, fortunately.  Needless to say, what was already a beat-up, well-loved piano has become even more beat-up & well-loved during our ownership.


After seeing Gabrielle’s post about painting her piano a gorgeous green, it’s gotten me sooooo excited to paint our piano!!!  I’m certain it would be a well-worthwhile face-lift.  The only trouble is deciding on the color.  I’m considering blue the most seriously.  I love a good blue, but I also think a rusty orange/red could be gorgeous, also.  My living room has zero decorating in it, so the piano color can be what I base everything off of.  I want it to be classy & fantastic & most of all, I want it to breathe life into our poor, beat-up piano.  Don’t worry, I’ll post before & after pics when I finally decide on a color & get to painting it.  I’m sooooo excited!!!

What color would you paint a piano?  Isn’t Gabrielle Blair an inspiring “Creative Chick?”  Thank you for the design inspiration!