Well, today’s post is inspired by the fact that I found out over a week or so ago that I am pregnant.  And – boy-oh-boy – this one has been a doozy!  I’ve been very sick, which is not typical for my pregnancies (this is #4 – woot!).  This is why there haven’t been any posts for a few days.  I am hoping to get back in to the swing of things & get back to daily posts asap – mainly for my sanity.  I really love highlighting creative chicks!

Today I thought it appropriate to feature Georgie Tees.  These maternity & infant tees are full of quality & a hilarious sense of humor.  We all should be able to laugh at ourselves, right?  Right… especially when we’re feeling pukey.


First, I wanted to highlight my favorite Georgie Tee, the “Mama Lisa” shirt.


Maybe it’s the artist in me or maybe it’s just that this tee is so stinkin’ clever… whatever it is, I completely love it!!!  I happen to have this tee in the Grape color scheme (shown in detail above).  I was shocked by how soft & luxurious Georgie Tees shirts are!  Completely heavenly!!!

Here’s some of their other maternity t-shirt designs that crack me up:


Made it Past Third Base – $32.00


No Longer Childproof – $32.00


Babylicious – $32.00

biggerphoto1_140x227And this last one is also completely hilarious (says: “Bigger is Better)!!!  I believe that it’s my beautiful friend, Emily, one of the co-founders of Georgie Tees, wearing it.  Even though she’s gorgeous & looks good in everything, these shirts still look fabulous even if you’re not a super-model (phew!).  If not, I’d be sunk.  And who looks/feels like a super-model during pregnancy?  Yup, only super-models, probably. 😉

So cheers to the creative chicks at Georgie Tees for their tees that help us laugh at life & enjoy the good times!  If you’re preggo, too, you won’t want to miss another day in pregnancy without one of these sexy babies (no pun intended, lol).

And, btw, you’ll want to subscribe to Emily’s Georgie Tees blog, “Freshly Baked,” for more humor, yummy recipes & her delightful take on life, love & the pursuit of happiness (https://georgietees.blogspot.com/).