Today’s feature is inspired by my grandma.  She’s recently gotten a beautiful wig that hides her thinning hair, while looking super-chic.  However, she doesn’t like to wear the wig all the time & often ties a bandanna around her head when the wig is off.  I must say that I’m not a fan of her bandannas as they’re bright neon colors are not very flattering.  When I stumbled on these gorgeous head cover scarves from kikapics’ Mercato, I immediately wanted to snatch some for my grandma.  As I looked closer, however, I decided I LOVED them, too, & want some for myself.  I have short hair & some days I just don’t feel like doing or am too busy to do it.  These scarves would be the perfect, fashionable solution.  Don’t get my wrong, I do love hats, but most of the time a scarf would be more comfortable I think.


Black Italian Flowers – $14.99

floral head scarf red yellow

Italian Simpsons Brown – $14.99

brown floral head scarf

Brown Floral – $14.99

red purple pink floral head scarf

Italian Simpsons Black – $14.99

Aren’t they fabulous?!!  And there are many more gorgeous designs to choose from at kikapics’ Mercato shop.  I am also a huge fan of her $1 shipping for any order within the continental U.S.  Rock on.  Time to get your Cinderella diva on with these beautiful head scarves!