Yes, I am a cat-owner & I’m drowning in jealousy at these gorgeous collars & tags for dogs.  The title was primarily referring to me (guilty).  Emily Kitts, the creative chick behind “Auntie Em’s Fine Jewelry” makes these incredible dog collars & tags that I couldn’t resist featuring.  She’s such a sweet person, too, and has inspired creativity in me ever since we were childhood friends.  Now she lives far away and is still inspiring me creatively.  So, without further ado, check out these fantastic finds from Auntie Em’s (remember: click on pic to be redirected to the original site):


Frankie – 14k white gold ID tag with a bezel set rhodolite garnet and .50ct black diamonds on hand-stitched magenta and black leather collar


Gary Martingale Collar – Brown leather and stainless steel martingale collar with sterling silver and antique blue zircon name plate


Kona – Genuine peridot bezel set on sterling silver ID tag with turquoise and brown leather collar


Em’s Everyday Tags

(My favorite dog tag is the “Hello my name is…” one – hilarious.)

200upeardogI loved reading about why Em started creating these.  She said that she was sick of the same old heart or bone-shaped boring tags on her dogs & decided they needed something a bit more fashionable.  She created some gorgeous tags & was disappointed at how boring they looked on her dogs’ boring collars, so she learned how to work with leather & makes collars as well, now.  That’s how Emily has always been, too.  She sees a problem & learns how to do something new to create a solution.  I love it!  Now, if she can only do this for cats also…