Today I’m featuring these gorgeous vinyl chandeliers from House of 3.  Seriously, I love these girls.  I know Rhonna, personally, and she is a gorgeous, genuine, creative personality.  Just as yesterday, I think we’ll be featuring her & House of 3 more in the future as they just have SOOOO many dang good ideas.  Check this one out:

House of 3 Chandelier Vinyl Art

So you snatch the vinyl chandeliers (did you notice it come with jewels to stick on it, too?!!) & then check out these fun ideas of how to use them.

House of 3 Rhonna Farrer Chandelier Vinyl Wall Art

Then, find something fun to stick them one.  Isn’t this a clever idea to stick it on a map?!!  I’m dying.  This is such a great idea.


Ok, and – seriously – who would EVER think to put vinyl art on the cement wall in your yard?!!  The greatest thing about vinyl, in general, is that you can stick it on & then when you’re tired of it, just yank it off.  Could be such a fun way to create a lovely gathering place for a garden party.  Oh, I dig it!!!  Where would you put the chandeliers?

Go ahead & snag them here at House of Three & get your “creative” on: Jeweled Chandelier Wall Art