Today we’re featuring some sassy, beautiful crocheted scarves from the creative chick of Ebruk.  Admittedly, I am a scarf addict.  It’s always a good time for a new scarf.  When the weather cools, you’ll rarely see me without a scarf, at least outdoors.  However, scarves are a big rage this fall season, and wearing them in & outdoors is the natural way to wear them.

These are some unique beauties that would be a lovely compliment to your fall/winter wardrobe.  (Reminder: Click on the pictures to be redirected to that item on the original website.)

Green Crocheted Scarf

Ruffle Green Mohair Scarf – $70.00

Red Flower Crocheted Scarf

Red Crochet Collar – $35.00

Beige Crochet Scarf

Beige Long Neckwarmer – $35.00

Do you wear scarves?  Do you crochet your own?  What’s your stance on wearing scarves all the time, do you like it, love it, scratch your head at it?