Today I’m highlighting Jenny from Cheeky & Swank.  I LOVE this girl’s taste.  She has created such a fun, edgy line of clothing… I really, really dig it.  Check out a few pieces from her fall women’s clothing (as always, click on the pic to get redirected to the item on the original site):


Madame Butterfly Shirt – $44.95

The picture DEFINITELY doesn’t do this shirt justice.  The gray material of the shirt has all of these swirls of gray, white & black & it’s slightly (very slightly) see-through.  It looks awesome on & I don’t feel like I have to wear a shirt underneath it to be modest (I definitely worry about that).  This shirt looks AWESOME with jeans.

MBwhite_LGHere is the Madame Butterfly shirt in white, too (it comes in gray or white).  Isn’t it gorgeous?!!

PinkHatPink Commy Cap – $16.95

Top these shirts (or anything else) off with this super-swanky Pink Commy Cap.  Isn’t that a gorgeous design on the side?  I’m convinced that hats like this can really make anybody look good.  I have yet to see a “chick” who doesn’t look flattering in them.  I even had my mom try one & she looks great in it (& she can never wear hats).  Anywho, just my two fashion cents. Check out these & other swanky styles at

(BTW, Jenny is one AMAZING chick!  She’s very creative and sweet.  Everyone who meets her falls in love with her & thinks she’s fabulous – cuz she is.)

I would LOVE to hear what you think about these styles & if you think everyone can pull off the “commy cap” look.