Today I’m highlighting my SUPER-creative friend, Brooke.  She’s just got a knack for making everything beautiful, including her garden!  I went to her blog – Little Wonders – and was COMPLETELY inspired by her vegetable garden & the gorgeous pics she took of it!  Seriously, amazing!  She’s an extremely talented photographer, among other things.  I’m sure I’ll be highlighting her many more times in the future as she is constantly inspiring me to be creative.  I love you, Brookie!!


Their first ripe tomato


Yellow Squash


Peas bursting out of their pod

Gardening is one of those joys that I’m sure someday I’ll be able to fall in love with.  These pictures really inspired me to start a garden next year.  Do you have a garden?  Does pulling your fingers through the dirt inspire your creativity?  Do you see these pics & get inspired to go cook something yummy using fresh veggies?  YUM.