Friday is the perfect day to post these lovely, carefree cakes!!  They are so beautiful & creative that I couldn’t resist posting about them.  They are from Jeneze’s Cake Design.  Although my friend, Jenny, is one of the cake designers, I promise I don’t always feature my friends (though I do just happen to have lots of creative friends that inspire me all the time).  However, I never may have known about Jenny’s cakes, had she not posted about them in our Facebook Group: Created by Chicks.  If you haven’t already joined the group, you gotta come hang with us!  It’s just bursting with creative chicks, just like you!  Anywho, back to the cakes… check ’em out:

abThis is the perfect cake for a girl, pink and turquoise with flowers. I even put some food color in the cake mix so one of the layers of cake is actually turquoise. Each section has three layers of cake, vanilla, turquoise vanilla and strawberry. We covered the cake in white and turquoise fondant. The flowers and dots are also made with fondant. Then we painted on some edible sparkle dust, it’s hard to see in the picture but the cake was nice and sparkled.


Mini-Cake – starts at $15. This mini cake is just 6 inches and is perfect for a little gift for someone special. The flowers are made from gumpaste and I also used white and pink fondant.


Purple & Black Wedding Cake

lindsey+cake+074+copyCitrus Wedding Cake (three-tier cakes start at $100)

There are many, many more cakes featured over on their site.  Honestly, looking at them made me want to get married again, just so I could have a snazzier wedding cake.  I’m going to have to think of an occasion to need to order one of these.  This is one of those creative skills that I can appreciate from the outside only; I’ve never been excited about cake decorating.  However, I really, really love to EAT cake & feel like that should count for something, right?

Seriously, though, I love how beautiful these girls’ cakes are, but more than that, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they are doing what they love to do.  Each of these cakes was built & decorated with love & that makes everything taste & look yummier, don’t you think?