IMG_2598_displayToday we’re featuring some unique thread art from “Creative Chick.”  Yes, as you can see from her name, how could we resist highlighting her here in “creative chick heaven?”  In Susan Sorrell’s own words (artist of “Creative Chick“), she is a “southern fried fiber artist.”  She also teaches fiber art classes.

I love art that takes your breath away.  While my style is mostly traditional, I love to throw some abstract art into the mix.  When I saw Susan’s work, it drew me in immediately with all the vibrant colors, patterns & textures.

I quickly threw a room design together so you could see how I would envision using her artwork in a traditional-style home.


This was the best I could quickly find online to represent what I would envision.  I’d most likely find some really chunky black studio frames to use, but you get the idea with the black frames in this photo.  I also had to liven up the decor a little bit with adding this beautiful throw pillow, Cotton Pop, from Cotton Colors.


Isn’t Creative Chick‘s fiber art fun & lively?!  It would brighten my day, every day, to see something like this in living room.